Learn Argentina is a group of language schools which are cooperating. We have common goals in mind that we are aiming to fulfill. We believe that we are changing lives every day by helping our students to develop intercultural skills, to improve their communication skills and by approaching new challenges open-minded.

Our Company Philosophy is important because it reminds us of the responsibility we have for our students and it gives us motivation to take on new challenges and opportunities. Moreover, it shows that together with our students we can make a difference in their lives and that makes us feel very proud.

Our values are the principles that guide our team through daily work life. They were developed by the whole team and reflect who we are and what we stand for. Every day we put our values into our work to deliver the best that we can.

  • Open Minds: be innovative, creative and receptive to new ideas.
  • Respect: respectful behavior, by being honest which creates genuine relationships.
  • Excellence: professional skills to achieve excellence in all our work.
  • Familiar Environment: we want to create a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere for everyone to feel comfortable in, in order to grow and fulfill our goals.