What are the benefits of the language schools working together?

The benefit of the language schools working together is that we can share knowledge and expertise. By doing this, the Spanish students at our school will profit from the excellent education and available knowledge and advice.

Is it possible to continue studying Spanish in other cities, apart from Buenos Aires?

Yes, this is an advantage of working together with the other language school: we have a broad range of possibilities to study Spanish in other cities across South-America. Examples include Cusco in Peru, Cartagena in Colombia, Galapagos in Ecuador and many more.

What are the skills that your teachers have, can you explain the selection and process?

All of our teachers are highly skilled in teaching Spanish, have several years of experience and have obtained a degree at the University for teaching Spanish. Our teachers are carefully chosen and should match the school´s culture and values: open-minded, respect, excellence and familiar environment.

How many students are in one class?

Each class has a minimum of 1 student and a maximum of 7 students.

How do you determine which Spanish level class I should attend?

In order to determine your level of Spanish, you will do a Spanish language test on the computer.

What is the class schedule?

Classes start at 09.00 a.m. and take place until 11.00 a.m. A coffee break of 15 minutes will follow, after which you will continue the Spanish class from 11.15 a.m. until 13.00 p.m.

Do the teachers speak English?

Yes, the teachers speak English but during the class they will only speak in Spanish. Only when absolutely necessary, they will speak in English.

Do you also offer activities, besides the Spanish classes?

Yes, we organize activities at least three times a week. Examples of activities are: going to parks, cafes, sightseeing hotspots, typical neighborhoods, etcetera.

Can you describe the first day at school?

The first day you will be expected at 08.30 a.m. for the introductory meeting. During this meeting you will receive all the information that you need to know, such as information about the school, Buenos Aires and safety tips. After this, you will go to the classroom you have been assigned to and you will follow the normal schedule of a regular school day.

When can I start my Spanish course?

You can start your Spanish course on any Monday of the year. In consultation it might be possible to start on another day during the week.