We believe that it is important to act responsibly and to behave socially and environmentally in such a way that it is good for the people and for the planet. We believe that if we do so, that it will beneficial for the long-term sustainability of our organization. We have based our Corporate Social Responsibility actions on the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit. A description of each pillar can be found below.


  • People
  1. Creating a good atmosphere and a culture based on our core values: Open Minds, Respect, Excellence and Familiar Environment
  2. Providing a learning environment in which our employees can develop themselves by training, education and growth opportunities
  3. Ensuring a safe environment to work in for our employees
  4. Creating an exciting and motivating work environment
  5. Making sure that our people feel recognized and rewarded
  6. Encouraging a healthy balance between work and social life
  7. Stimulating healthier lives for our people
  8. Supporting the local community by volunteer programs


  • Planet
  1. Promoting the use of public transport to our employees and students
  2. Separating waste in the school
  3. Stimulating our employees and students to use water responsibly
  4. Encouraging students to make trips in Argentina by bus instead of airplane
  5. Reusing paper and handling the use of it responsibly
  6. Saving energy by turning off the lights and not using air-conditioning when not highly needed


  • Profit
  1. Offering affordable Spanish courses for students from all over the world
  2. Providing jobs for Spanish teachers
  3. Realizing responsible marketing to prospective students
  4. Responsible reinvestment in the school